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BASF Presents ‘Compostable Packaging Solutions – A Natural Combination’ and Highlights REBIOLUTION Project at The European Biopolymer Summit


At The European Biopolymer Summit, held on March 26th and 27th in Ghent, Belgium, BASF, one of our esteemed partners, took center stage to present about “Compostable Packaging Solutions – A Natural Combination.” Kai Oliver Siegenthaler, the representative from BASF, elucidated on the crucial role of certified compostable packaging solutions within the framework of a Circular Economy, specifically highlighting their presence to shed light on the REBIOLUTION Project.

During his presentation, Siegenthaler not only highlighted the advantages of utilizing paper- or board-based food packaging coated with ecovio®, a BASF innovation derived from renewable resources but also offered a glimpse into the future. He introduced the REBIOLUTION Project, a pioneering initiative poised to revolutionize the landscape of sustainable packaging solutions and making it known to the wider audience present at the summit.

The European Biopolymer Summit, organized by ACI, convened industry luminaries, researchers, innovators, and key stakeholders, fostering discussions on the latest advancements, trends, and challenges in biopolymers. The summit delved into various facets of biopolymers, spanning production, processing, applications, and environmental impact.

Themes explored included sustainable raw material sourcing, advancements in synthesis and processing technologies, innovative applications across packaging, textiles, and medical sectors, and the pivotal role of biopolymers in fostering a circular economy.

The presentation by BASF not only underscored the company’s commitment to sustainability but also echoed the overarching spirit of the summit: to drive progress towards a more sustainable future through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, notably through the REBIOLUTION Project

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